Hello to our friends and neighbors!  We hope that everyone is safe and healthy.  

We'd like to start by saying we're really sorry that we don't have toilet paper for sale on our website.  :)

Seriously?  With this situation arises a lot of questions regarding how to proceed as a business.  Can we be safe?  That has to be the first concern.  Now, how about the business?  Wow, we need a website!  What about curbside?  What about delivery?  What about shipping?  Shipping costs for small businesses that can't negotiate rates?  Eeeek!  It's a lot to set up and learn and some of these things are a bit out of our natural skillset, lol.  

So?  We're going to give a few things a try, starting with personal deliveries in the city limits of Frederick and see how it goes rather than trying to figure it all out at the same time.  

We're not going to lie.  Our attempts under these conditions will not be without flaws.  Please forgive us for those imperfections as we do our best to navigate through this situation as best we can.  Above all?  We're going to have to put safety first.  On the upper right of the home page, please review how we will go about making contactless deliveries.  

Take care, everyone.  We all look forward to the time we can greet you in person on a busy First Saturday!  Until then?  Be safe.  


All of us at Urban Cottage