Handblown Glasses - Orange Swirl - Set of 4

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Made from recycled glass bottles, these glasses are handblown and crafted by artisans in Jalisco, Mexico. Each piece is special and unique due to the hand-crafted nature.  Each glass is handblown, and the color is applied while the glass is molten hot. Then, the glassware is cooled slowly in a hot oven to avoid shattering. There are no two identical pieces! The orange swirl set comes with 4 glasses, each with a unique design.  Add a pop of color to your dining table!

Made in Mexico

Care: Dishwasher safe- Susceptible to breakage with extreme temperature changes. 

Capacity: Appx. 400ml / 13 oz 

***Please Note: Approximate sizes due to hand-made nature of artisan work.

Dimensions of box.
16" l x 4" w x 7" h

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